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Well, here's an interesting bit of correspondance as a result of
detritus' new fame. see the message below, but basically this guy
has detourned Dilbert and wants a place to put them. My gut reaction is
"no", for the following reasons: 1. I don't have the bandwidth (see his traffic stats below)
2. I'm not really interested in distributing racist works, even if they
*are* examples of artistic appropriation. Looking at this guy's site
it appears that he and his cohorts are simply disgusting hateful

However, i think it brings up the always interesting issue of "how far out of your way should you go to protect free speech and fight censorship?"
Any comments?


p.s. the other interesting thing is, if you look at the To: field this
mail was sent to my cyborganic account, which this guy would have a hard
time knowing about. Judging from the capital letters, he probably did a
"whois" on detritus.net to get it. Why? Why not just use my handy "contact" link provided on the site? stuff like that makes me suspicious for some reason....

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I run the site http://www.rotten.com/ (very popular, it gets about 40,000 people per day, and over a million page views every day.)

Anyway we're going to put up soon "The Dilbert Hole", obscene and racist cartoons featuring the cartoon character Dilbert. They are very,
very funny. The last time these were up, at another site of ours, we
received a cease & desist letter from United Feature Syndicate.
This time, our site is much more popular. We expect to receive another
letter, and will probably have to take them down again.

Are you interested in hosting them once this happens?


publicityATrotten.com / Thomas E Dell