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>->> Chumbawamba's present state - they're getting
>rich, turning their little song about ranting and drinking into money...

I remember one of them quoted in Rolling Stone about their big hit single:
"We're anarchists, we _want_ to get into people's homes..." So there's that ever-present rationale backing up their choice to deal with Billboard
magazine... it's such a fine line or something between subversion and
selling out.

I hear the American record companies refused to print the new record's
liner notes in their entirety due to its 'political content'... you have to
go to the band's website to read the unedited European liner notes.
Hopefully this means something

With mass culture appropriating _anything_ at this point, 'artists' left
and right are having these issues of 'selling out' forced upon them at
earlier and earlier stages in their development... so I'm increasingly
fascinated, watching how certain bands are dealing with the quandary. I'm
just saying this to frame & justify a post on Chumbawumba factoids.