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David probably meant this to go to the whole list,
so I'm passing it on. My reply soon!


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>what an excellent article! At the end she comes very close to
sounding like John Cage:
"maybe we should...just start recording the fax machine and listening to that. With so many forces competing for our ears,
we're only going to find music where it is least expected."
Why bother with the fax machine. My computer monitors and the hvac
system are making enough good sounds ;)

>this seems like the only escape. Stop listening to music. Make
life music. Or, stop listening to commercials. Which is what i
mostly do.

Ahhh but it's the difference between consciously choosing what you
want to listen to and being held as a captive or submissive
audience for marketing.

>But sometimes it's unavoidable. I only watch about 2 hours of TV
a week,but that's still too much to avoid seeing things like
"Little Fluffy Clouds" by the Orb in a VW ad. (interesting footnote: someone told me that the version of the song in the
commercial is a new one, with a different female voice recreating
the sample ["the sky was big and blue and there were little fluffy clouds..." etc etc] because they couldnt get permission to use the sample, even though they bought the rights to the song - an
interesting example of "Nested Sampling" or whatever we should call it. I don't know if i beleive that story, though. Can any one
confirm it?)

>For me, advertising that uses a piece of culture just serves as
another flag that that piece of culture is "used up" or "over recycled." Similar to the idea that sampling James Brown is passe. For instance when Burroughs showed up in a Nike ad a few years ago
I knew once and for all that the time for sampling Burroughs was
over, if it wasnt over already years before that.

Well when Lexus, Mercedes Benz, VW and Khaki Pants start using drum
n' bass, Frontline Assembly, The Orb, and anything else that's new
I think you have to consider that everything is over by the above
deffinition. Even Coil as a day job do sound scores for
commercials. I wonder if Merzbow has been used yet to sell
champaign. It will probably happen over the next 5 years at the
rate the underground is being exploited to sell yuppy toys and
status symbols to the most superficial ranks of 'generation neXt'

>Of course all recontextualisations contain multiple connotations,
and the connotation that dominates depends on the viewer.. I guess
this is basically the Deconstructionist line of thought - the text
depends on the reader. When a commercial appropriates something,
it means that that "text" gains another possible "reading". At LEAST one more.

True. But although it influences the listener it really should not
be important as far as the value of the origional work (any more
than a song that's sampled should gain or loose value due to what
it's sampled in).

>I don't know, this brings up a really interesting train of
thought. I'm torn. Its both an opportunity for us "culture jammers" and also it makes our jobs harder. And I'm sure it will only get worse.

guaranteed by human nature and capitalism

>What this is doing, in the long run, is making all signs even more
arbitrary. What happens when every symbol means so many things
that it means nothing? This is another symptom of the end of

When symbols mean nothing everyone might catch on that they always
ment nothing - including the flags, crosses, dollars and badges
(though the dollars will probably only get replaced repeatedly or
else the machine would crash that created this mess).


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