[rumori] appropriate appropriation (was Re: Cannibal Culture)

Steev [rumori] appropriate appropriation (was Re: Cannibal Culture)
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On Tue, 5 May 1998, Being and Nothingness wrote:

> Does anyone think in terms of high brow and low brow culture
>anymore? The good thing with having so many ppl in the world is that you

good point, Thom!

>are never at a loss for an audience, or you can always find something that
>interests you. I think it is a middle class pretension to think there is
>a way of distinguishing oneself by how one entertains oneself or what one
>reads so much to the point that ppl don't do what they /want/ to do,
>rather what they think they /ought/ to do. Like. I'm not supposed to like
>romance novels (well, I don't but this is an example) And at one time,
>notably, in college, I would make sure ppl only saw me reading
>"Literature" or talking about "Art" but now I have fun liking that Sanrio
>character Bad Batz Maru. I mean, I know its all about novelty and
>consumerism in our post-industrial leisure society but its cyooot. Or the
>spice girls. Everyone knows the spice girls is a made to order band.
>they are only a product. a show. but the whole idea of it gives me some
>kind of ironic satsifaction participating in it.
>That said, I think the idea of class and culture is not as important as I
>used to think. What is the ideal civilization anyway? what is a "cultured

Just as the Tape-beatles once said "The avant-garde ends here," I'd like to announce, "The brows meet here." The low brow and high brow, that is. Maybe "The brows furrow here." Yeah!
Well, this is getting too silly, I better get to something more important,
like sipping this absinthe and listening to this Celine Dion record....


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