[rumori] What to do about deconstructing beck?

Being and Nothingness [rumori] What to do about deconstructing beck?
Thu, 14 May 1998 00:26:07 -0400 (EDT) (00895148767, Pine.LNX.3.95.980514001501.29714A-100000ATcornea.retina.net)

Fuck Geffen. Can't you just tell them to fuck off? Okay. I never
was able to see Sonic Cowboys, altho I know you can rent it. But I think I
read somewhere that negativeland was forced to hand over masters to the
record company. Altho I'm not sure how anyone "forces" anyone to do that sort of thing. I mean. what is the worse that can happen? How does a
distributor pose a threat. Its not like anyone is getting rich off the
said recording (which I haven't heard, really, I'm going to try to get my
hands on some of this stuff). And yeah. maybe this would be a good test
case to set a precedence for this kind of appropriation. I mean. did
anyone sue Arthur Kroker for "The Real Madonna" from the CD that accompanied the book, _Spasm_? Maybe because he only sampled her voice
from interviews? What about covers of songs. how do ppl get rights to do
covers? Are the record companies just afraid that this kind of art will
send an anti-product message to consumers? Whats the big deal?

please help me understand.
I am but a caveman and your technology frightens me.