[rumori] dbeck in a store!

Steev [rumori] dbeck in a store!
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this is from the Aquarius Records mailing list. they're just
down the street from me. One of the coolest record stores ever.

V/A "Deconstructing Beck" (Illegal Art/Seeland) cd 6.98 Thanks to Nick at Addicted To Noise (www.addictedtonoise.com) for
turning us on to this hilarious cd packaged in plain white cardboard box.
Will Beck sue? Here are 13 artists such as the Evolution Control
Committee, Corporal Blossom, and Steev Hise messing with the boy wonder.
We do not know of any other stores that are carrying this yet, as it is
mainly available at the Illegal Art website:
http://detritus.net/illegalart ---


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