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Boster, Bob [rumori] Re: copyright schemes (was Re: hello)
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>From: Lawrence Comras[SMTP:axilATgreenhome.com]
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>i was forever pitching what i called "director for
>dummies" that let users have an easy time of cutting and pasting whatever
>they could digitize. then publish to a web site as real video, H.263, QT,
>Net Show or whatever. what made it different was that it assumed the user
>prolly couldn't do their own digitizing, so the program did all kinds of
>wierd faux animation/color cycling/pans, zooms, etc. to stills, stuff that
>had been scanned in, grabbed or otherwise obtained. it could capture in
>real time if you drew a mustauche on the mona lisa for example. but all the
>big wigs said nobody wants to make their own media.

That is a brilliant idea. Too bad no one went for it, you'd be swimming
in dough if they had done it and managed to keep it cheap.

>but where is all the cool
>alternative shit on the net? i've always thought that it's exactly those
>people who don't watch TV who would be the new garage video "publishers."
>which i've always thought was around 20% and here you say it would be 17% so

I think there's plenty o' cool shit out there, it's just waaay painful
to find it and the technology curve to make anything of any real
technical excitement is too steep. My guess is the coolest stuff you
can find is all text-oriented because that's what's easy to do. People
who can overcome the technology margin don't have any interesting formal
or content ideas, for the most part, just candy...the exceptions being
the people who have real skills and are only interested in doing it for
cash. Plenty o people are making films now because the technology curve
is the right angle of ascent... A product like you were trying to push
would be like the Mexican Stratocaster - open up a whole realm of stuff
to a bunch of morons like me who can't invest any time in the WWW
because of the learning curve. As it is we'll likely have to wait till
the next generation (kids who grew up on the Net like we did on Sesame
Street)for any populist expressive revolution of this sort.