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On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Boster, Bob wrote:

>>->I've been thinking a lot about the fundamental differences between the
>>->kind of work that comes out of processes involving appropriation and
>>->those where a practitioner is attempting to reveal a vision from her/his
>>Hmm. Do you really think those 2 things are mutually exclusive?
>Yes, I do think there is a qualitative and experiential difference
>between trying to make a piece where you are hoping to replicate an
>interior concept which is fully formed and a piece where the content of
>the piece is revealed through quality of the juxtaposition of previously
>extant elements. One of the reasons for this, in my mind, is that it's
>very hard to "pre-conceive" what's going to happen when those elements
>are combined, therefor making it nearly impossible for it to be

Now THIS is really interesting.

I guess I just disagree - It IS possible to "reveal a vision" or an "interior concept" through the process of appropriation. I do it all the time.

I suppose it depends on the level of detail that you want to
"pre-conceive", and your whole take on the process of composition and art-making.

I "visualize" (auralize?) appropriation music all the time, think it up in my head, then go looking for sources that fulfill the vision. In a way I
don't see any difference between that and imagining a melody and then
sitting down at the piano to "realize" it.
granted, there is another mode of appropriation where you just sit down
with some source material and start mixing and "see what happens". But you don't have to do it that way.

>the idea that Artifice would be a creative construction that involved
>conceptualizing the audience as it's primary focus and very little
>attempt to render an interior constructed concept. Sort of like
>Advertising without the product. Maybe discussing that vision makes
>more sense without the bombast.

what exactly do you mean by "conceptualizing the audience"? You mean like demographics in advertising? There still has to be some "content", doesn't there?



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