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bounced to me. amy, you need to send to the list from the same
address you're signed up to it as.

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On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Boster, Bob wrote:

> other's carts. Maybe try to capture the printout of the scanner and
> overlay that output with a programming sheet of the people who set the
> frequency of the florescent lights for maximum shoppage...etc. Focus
> the practice on the concept implied in the question, and let the medium
> sort itself out in the wash...
hmmm... i sort of think i generally do this whether i'm working with
appropriated sources, abstract, or photographic (video, film, etc.)
as far as the question of creative work being fully envisioned
beforehand or not, the words of my undergrad film instructor ring true:
"you never make the piece you thought you were going to make, you make the piece that you made." in other words, you start with a plan, then after you shoot (or draw, build, appropriate, etc.) you see the
raw material as it really is, and you adapt. the question of
pre-envisionment sounds to me like it's really about process-based
work vs. not, but that's a whole separate issue, fairly independent of
choice of medium.

now yet another quote (at the very least a damn good paraphrase), this one
from algorithmic-abstract filmmaker larry cuba, commenting on this very
issue (the significance/insignificance of pre-envisionment): "i'm not interested in making films that just show what i've imagined; i want to
see things i can't possibly imagine."
and not an appropriated pixel in larry's whole bag...

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