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>From: Steev[SMTP:steevATdetritus.net]

>basically what you're talking about is form vs. content, do you think
>about the medium/method first or the meaning/theme/message first. This is
>interesting but it's an age-old dichotomy and i don't think you can say
>"most people" for one way or the other.

Actually, I think if you include as art anyone who slaps paint on a
canvas or picks up a guitar you'd have to say there's WAAAAY more people
thinking of themselves in terms of medium than in terms of message.

>So, to get back to the source of this thread, is Bruce Sterling saying
>that if we live twice as long, most artists are going to be doing
>that kind of work? That would be cool. But I don't know if I believe it.

I think really what he's trying to get to is that in the narrative,
there's no culture extant for a longer lifestyle humanity, and that one
needs to be "realized" for same. And that in a case like that where the ontological shift precedes the cultural one, the way to get a hold of
the appropriate "scene" is to make art that reveals the experience of the members of the "new" society. Sort of accumulate a new culture by making pieces focusing on the current experience.