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Polenberg, Todd [rumori] The Sample
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 14:25:00 -0400 (00904271100, 43DCB452A407D211B07F00805FA7C77B039482ATNYCEXMB07.pfizer.com)

hey, don't you mean 'until' Microsoft buys the Internet?

at which point we'll all be clearing our samples through Bill anyway, or
fearing a knock on the door late at night from the Microsoft Intellectual
Property Task Force (TM). and their growling dogs, etc.

how long until the random image-recontexutalization bots (like the one at
Amy Alexander's site (http://shoko.calarts.edu/~alex/recycler.html) become random sound-recontextualization bots? or should we be programming them as
a strike force... perhaps a good way to distract the RIAA?

so has this discussion reached a realization that we're kind of stuck in a
quagmire of individually-derived viewpoints (which are all really
interesting, mind you) on what distinguishes an 'original' from a 'copy' in
looking at appropriated 'art, but none of which will allow us to legally
make our art without fear of corporate retribution? and that the rise in
popularity of the Puffster and his ilk will only encourage other wealthy
artists to explore sampling in the most mediocre ways imaginable? affirming
the RIAA-enforced status quo by paying ludicrous amts of money for what we
would want to be free, and by creating a consumer populace who wants to go
out and buy the poorly-produced and thought out schlock, creating more money
for boring artists... (perpetuate the cycle ad infinitem)

we just need to.... return to the system of patronage! wealthy dowagers,
each taking a found-sound/collage/appropriation artist into her stately
mansion and letting him or her set up their gear and parasite away! i mean,
i gotta go...

back to lurksville

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