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Lawrence Comras [rumori] Detritus FAQ - what are the questions?
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Hi all. I need your help.

I keep getting totally clueless detritus email. I'm tired of it.
So i want to make a Frequently Asked Questions page.
The base foundation of "the Detritus weltanshung" (did i spell that right?). the stuff you should know before bothering to write to me or to
this list.

So, I want some suggestions. What are those questions? What is the obvious
stuff that a FAQ should cover?

Here's some ideas to get started with:

What is detritus (factual definition)

Detritus is the stuff of decay. It is the semi-living, usually gooey,
muck-encrusted stuff that other life forms feed on (or off). It is the
truth of what is rotten: that it will live to see another day as soemthing
else. It is worm food. It is you - one day...

What is detritus (conceptual definition)

Detritus is a metaphor! It's the detritus of our own lives, the stuff that
gets tossed, but somebody else picks it up, and sees something new in it,
some kind of food for thought...

What is www.detritus.net (description)

It's a gathering place for detritus (the metaphorical kind)...

Why is detritus?

We encourage people to pick up pieces of our popular culture and reuse them.
That's our purpose. So much of our culture makes use of repurposed stuff,
canned stuff, ready-mades, etc. But almost always this crap is presented as
NEW!, when really it is the epitome of USED. So, we exist as a home for
stuff that chooses to make explict its origin as something else.

Who invented collage?

Somebody who said, let's stick stuff together in new ways. See also:
juxtapose, context and briccolage.

Isn't this illegal?

The first amendment protects free speech. If our purpose was to steal
things and present them as ours, we would indeed be breaking the law. But
satire is fair use, well-protected by current legal statutes. We maintain
the right to make something new out of the readymades of today, as a means
of commenting on what they are trying to communicate.

Isn't this just a lack of creativity?

Everything must be judged on it's own. Since context contributes most
significantly to meaning, we would have to determine whether the context
created something meanignful enough so as to be creative in its own right,
or not.

How can I contribute?
How can I make my own detritus?
Who are the biggest figures in the world of detritus.
What are some of the messages that the web site tries to communicate?

Ad infinitum, ad nauseum...blah blah blah....



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