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From: The Evolution Control Committee <> Subject: Re: [rumori] Detritus FAQ - what are the questions?
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>Hi all. I need your help.

Glad to.

>Isn't this illegal?
>Isn't this just a lack of creativity?


>1. What about Copyright? (an introduction to fair use, etc)

Wonder if might have an easy made boilerplate
answer for this... hey, we could sample it from them! For that matter, they
might have the answers to a lot of this stuff. Or not; they might only have
links to buy their stuff with not much else but pretty cake pictures. I
haven't looked at their site for a while.

>2. Who started all this? (May mention Burroughs, Negativland's trials, Dada,

Wow, this could be as deep diving a question as you like it to be.
Suggested routes: Pierre Henry [& Schaeffer], Cage, Negativland of course, John Oswald, but then also some things like Dickie Goodman (did those
interview-style novelty singles where a band/song quote answers the
questions), Coldcut (early proponent of sample-heavy dance music)...
Greater Than One... um... hmmm, my brains in a pretzel twist right now.
I'll suggest more tomorrow when that drink or two has worn off.

>3. Just what the hell is "re-appropriation," anyway? (and comment on the
>that it tries to achieve)

Some synonyms might be good to mention... or a glossary in general...
Copyright [Law]
Musique Concrete

It might be interesting to compare/contrast the differences between
some of the more recent entities practicing collage music. This would be
something like dance music (EBN, Coldcut) vs. academic (John Oswald, etc.)
vs. radio oriented (Negativland, Chicago Sound Studios, Aerial compilation
people, etc.) and so on...

Other WWWLinks would be good of course. That amusingly detailed list of
samples from industrial songs comes to mind. Oswald's site, Negativland's
site. Don't forget MACOS. More ideas later...

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