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Wed, 7 Oct 1998 16:08:48 -0400 (EDT) (00907790928, Pine.LNX.3.96.981007155545.27085C-100000atcornea.retina.net)

I was reading the current issue of ID magazine, (international design not
"the worlds most pretentious magazine" -sigue sigue sputnik) which is a food issue and the design of food products. And altho I can usually get
through the day with pausing in deference of Baudrillard, I just had to
praise his memory at the altar of French Toast Crunch cereal, which is a
breakfast cereal that appropriates a real breakfast food. The cereal
itself is tiny reproductions of French Toast. The expose on Breakfast
Cereal is pretty funny. Cookies for breakfast, who'd a thunk! media and
food.. WOW! sign me up. Why have the real thing when you can have an
amazing likeness?
food as media. I've been on a food kick lately and starting to explore the
geograph of signs in the realm of food and food marketing. Don't expect
any scathing essays attacking the sociology of the american palate,
because in our age of the short attention span, I can at best hope to seed
the imagination with an idea and let the "other" build an interpretation. The semiology of commercially packaged food, which is interesting is not
as satisfying as the semiotics of the unbridled, almost pagan, nature
of food as it comes from the ground and its link to eroticism. Marketing
is SUCH a turn off.

oh and um.. world wide web. blah blah blah, new media and, I'm forgetting
something... oh yeah, digerati.

who is always ready to help you expand the definition of anything
just to keep a conversation meandering through the labyrinth of ideas.