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On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Thom wrote:

>food issue and the design of food products. And altho I can usually get
>through the day with pausing in deference of Baudrillard, I just had to
>praise his memory at the altar of French Toast Crunch cereal, which is a
>breakfast cereal that appropriates a real breakfast food. The cereal
>itself is tiny reproductions of French Toast. The expose on Breakfast
>Cereal is pretty funny. Cookies for breakfast, who'd a thunk! media and
>food.. WOW! sign me up. Why have the real thing when you can have an
>amazing likeness?

yeah. wow. actually that makes me realize just how much the whole world of
children-oriented products is oriented toward simulation and reproduction.
fake guns, dolls, food, fake equipment for preparing fake food.
amazing. Nominally this is just to tide the kiddies over till they can
"grow up" and get "the real thing", but of course they find out that the adult world is all simulated too, only not as interesting.

>of food as it comes from the ground and its link to eroticism. Marketing
>is SUCH a turn off.

and how. as soon as they came out with that GenitalCrunch (tm) breakfast
cereal everything was just ruined for me...


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