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Thom [rumori] Re: web publishing,etc.
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participatory media?
is that some point and click thing?

well, the point I was making regarding food as Media is that I don't
think Mcluhan did enough work discussing how the design of processed food
shapes consciousness. What does a rice check condition me to expect from
food? stays crispy in milk?

yeah, I am being absurd, but so is breakfast cereal shaped like breakfast
food. "it looks and tastes like the real thing. takes less time to prepare but costs more." I mean. if you wanted french toast, why not just make it? And speaking of weird products, Did you know Orbitz is still on the shelf?
I'm still laughing at the way they tried to introduce the product to the
new media crew by giving away free samples at the(now defuct) HardWired
launch party. Where they thinking that progressive cultural workers would
be intrigued by its Design? as if it were all about form with no function.
As a side note, HardWired's senior editor was the granddaughter of
Marshall McLuhan. I waited for the critique of Design as Media and
Metaphor, but alas... finally, an essay waiting not to be rehashed, but