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Inspiring (no shit). We should discuss my backgroung with Marc Davis and
Garage Cinema, one of his projects. He's the guy at Interval who hired me to
work on movie stuff, and who patented a web authoring system called
"Participatory Media."
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On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Eric Oberthaler wrote:

>Say - I'm interested in "boning up" on the budding possibilities for
>publishing, publicity, and so forth on the web. For instance:

the web is for losers. i would stay away from it if you value your soul.
(heh. just kidding.)

having said that,

>1. What is involved in starting a record label based on the web?

depends on what you mean. do you mean sole distribution via the web?
do you mean no physical recording sold? or just using the web as a
promotional/marketing tool? or somewhere in between?

thing is, every label (more and more, every business) is using the web as
a marketing tool. it's a given. it's become just another place to put

i'd be interested in finding out if anyone is really making it selling
downloadable mp3 files or whatever and not selling physical media at all.
Things are heading that way eventually - however, the big corporate media
giants are pushing for strong proprietary formats and draconian laws that
will ensure their control of intellectual property and culture, so
i wouldnt have any illusions that this wonderful technology will set us
all free of major-label hegemony or whatever.

in fact I predict it will make things worse, potentially. someday the only
way to get music will be to download it from the GlobalInfoCyberMartNet.
you'll get a file that you can store on your terrabyte StorageCrystal(tm),
but everytime you play it, your stereo/computer/infotainment center
contacts the GlobalCyberCultureLedger via the net, and they automatically
subtract a dollar or whatever from your bank account. You could dub it
with one of those analog tape recorders, but only criminals and terrorists
will still have those.

>2. Who's doing innovative things with web publishing and distribution of
>recordings nowadays?

well, reel.com is renting videos online. ;-)

i don'tknow, that's a good question.

While i'm at it i'll mention, perhaps hypocritically, i'm working on a
commerce server system that will allow me to sell stuff direct from
Detritus.net. Hopefully in the next couple months that will be ready.

hey, ecommerce is the "killer app" of the web right? jump on the bandwagon!!

>3. What's the difference between what can be accomplished alone and
>collectively (a small group of people) in this sort of thing?

with a major web project it's always valuable to have a group of people
working together, mainly because hardly anyone knows how to do every
piece. you need an interface designer, html coders, artists, designers,
sys admin, programmer, writers, and maybe even marketers and other
business types. and then you need a project manager to organize all those

>4. What is going to be the best way in the future to get music out to the
>people who would most get off on it - and make a lot of money?

what's a lot mean?

>5. How should I prepare myself to be ready to devour the remains of the
>music market when the big machine crumbles?

chuckle chuckle. that's a good one.

Read "Commodify Your Dissent", edited by Thomas Frank & Matt Weiland, WW Norton, NY, 1997.

Also read "Captains of Conciousness" by Stewart Ewan.

>6. Any related brilliant ideas?

I'm sounding pretty cynical, but there's ways to fight.
use open standards, not proprietary technologies. Don't use Microsoft
products. Foster niche communities, not economies of scale that cater
to the lowest common denominator. the real killer app of the Net is
the ability to create special interest groups, communities of people who
have things in common and are geographically independant.
But as usual the big corps are trying to homogenize the net, just like
every other communications medium that's come along. That's how our
economy works, that's how a LOT of money is made. but if you only want to
make a little money, and maybe make the world a better place, then let's
fight that paradigm.

>Any website links or general comments would be appreciated?


for the revolution,


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