[rumori] Two Nights of Live Electronics at COSMOS

Steev [rumori] Two Nights of Live Electronics at COSMOS
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 14:34:24 -0800 (PST) (00912551664, Pine.LNX.4.05.9812011409560.24562-100000atflotsam.detritus.net)


Detritus presents

2 Nights of Electronic Entertainment


Tuesday, December 8 and 15, 9:00 pm

Come to Cosmos, the new space-age neighborhood bar in the Mission and
witness (for free!) live performance sound collage with film/video
accompaniment, featuring:

December 8:
Illegal Art recording artists STEEV HISE and MR. MERIDIES

December 15:
General Injectibles & Signals content provider WOBBLY and visiting from England, PEOPLE LIKE US, with special guest Peter
Conheim of Mono Pause.

COSMOS is located at 21st and Bryant, one block south to the
future from Blowfish Sushi, in San Francisco.

for more details, sound samples, and photos, see
http://detritus.net/events/cosmos, or write to infoatdetritus.net
Details about the performers

People Like Us
Since 1991 Vicki Bennett has been producing music, radio art and video
work under the name People Like Us. She has released 3 CD's and a host of
records in both Holland and America. She has created sound works for Radio
Brandenburg (Germany), Radio 100 (Holland), KPFA, KBOO, Free Radio
Berkeley & KFJC (USA) and regularly broadcasts her work on Holland's VPRO. Vicki has frequently collaborated with a variety of audio and visual
artists and Spring 1999 sees the release of a CD of remixes by 24 of these

Wobbly began in 1990 as a weekly live mix radio program in
Santa Barbara. Shifting participants, content
ranging from talk radio parody/critique & cut-ups to narratives to improvisatory tape-electronic sound.
Upon relocating to San Francisco in 1994, Wobbly was
acquired by the super powerful corporation General
Injectables and Signals, and annexed to the Digital Adepts
Program as a content provider. Wobbly recordings
remain white dots of sound. Documentation of their pure
radio work, structured isolationist long form
compositions, and by demand, found songs.

Mr. Meridies' Optimization Routine
Mr. Meridies = Bob Boster's thin veil of anonymity in the face of a
systematic pattern of cultural poaching. The Optimization Routine
includes a dynamic mapping of collage, performance art, found sound, and
improvisational elements which will respond to the specific needs of the
assembled audience, thereby maximizing their receptive capacities. The
Optimization Routine will resemble, but not replicate previous mappings as
documented by Illegal Art's _Deconstructing Beck_ CD, Friction Media's
_Cognitive Mapping Vol 2_ CD, or Mr. Meridies own eponymous release, as
well as various live incarnations. We hope you will consider this
one-time shareware package for use with your personal operating system.
The Optimization Routine is not Microsoft Certified.

Steev Hise
Currently based in San Francisco, Steev Hise has been making experimental
music, performance art, and video since approximately 1990. At California
Institute of the Arts he studied composition with Morton Subotnick and
Wadada Leo Smith, sound design with Tom Erbe, and critical theory with
Dick Hebdige. He has performed across North America. His work centers
around appropriation and recontextualization of pre-existing culture, in
other words, making new art from the old. Steev's recordings appear on
several Viral Communications releases and on the Illegal Art compilation
_Deconstructing Beck_. For more information on his work and VirComm, see
http://www.detritus.net/steev, or write to vircommatcyborganic.net. At Cosmos Steev will be performing with his sampletar, a hybrid
computer/sampler/guitar instrument of his own design. Experimental
vocalist Merlin Coleman will also make a guest appearance during Steev's

DETRITUS is an online resource center located at http://detritus.net, focused on the artistic reuse of culture and collage in all media. It is
intended as both community gathering place and scholarly clearinghouse, a
place for those who create and study appropriation art to learn and share.

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Steev Hise, Subversive Radical Hippy Hacker
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