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a real good post to the negativland snuggles list by jon
which i thought y'all might interested in too.
Coming up, a couple replies, including my own....

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It's been good to watch all the people write in to snuggles to describe
their own projects -- one of the better aspects of snuggles has always been
that oddball sense of vaguely shared artistic vision that gets hammered out
and developed with every successive post... this is the list that's
prompted the bulk of my personal tape trading (i.e. swapping my own work
rather than Neu bootlegs or something) and it's been wonderful. The recent
series of self-defining manifestos (coupled with MP3 sites and CD
sale/trade offers) was a thread I just hoped would never die out.

It does strike me as kind of odd how distinctly tight the 'genre' seems to
be getting, though. Before long, we'll have a section in Tower Pulse if
we're not careful. It's long been the case that these
recontextualizing/'mediage' (woo-hoo) techniques are just another part of
the vocabulary by this point... it's pop music, it's art music (if one says
so) (as Lloyd Dunn notes, 'the difference is intent'), it's subterreanean
garage, but sampling is not a specific result onto itself by this point...
we're all using sampling, some even make a point of using 100% 'sampled'
basis material, but assimilation itself has been assimilated...
increasingly I find myself reading these descriptions and wondering exactly
what the _music_ sounds like...

not as if I'd even know how to label my own output, but seeing as the
vocabulary of 'mediage' is well into the period of folk (let alone pop)
practice at this point, I think we're all only talking about 'music' again.

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