[rumori] commodification of our 'alternative'? (was re: genre)

rumoriatdetritus.net [rumori] commodification of our 'alternative'? (was re: genre)
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 10:32:56 -0500 (00913390376, 852566D7.0051CC88.00atnatsmtp.nish.org)

>Solicitation for opinions: Do you think makers of mediage/collage
>rock/sample music should be able to make a living from it and forget
>their day jobs?

Yes, they should. Its a matter of finding your niche. It's possible to
find a niche that supports radical views, and as the population grows there
will be more opportunity for creation of new niches. Would this be the
same question as "Do you think there should be a mediage bin at Tower?" Its only a matter of time before there are enough peope to support the
market for mediage.

A lot of stuff, DJ work, commercials, on the radio and TV, sounds like the
kind of music I enjoy: quick cut, heavily affected, juxtaposed samples,
and ambient sounds. Someone is making on living on that, right? I don't

Better still, I like the ideas Bob and Steev brought up. Yes, everyone
SHOULD produce art, but not everyone desires to. My sociology teacher
asked us what society's next phase beyond the "information age" will be. Society has evolved from hunter-gatherer groups, to large agrarian
communities (production of food is primary function of society), to
industrial society (production of material goods) to our post-industrial
society (management of data, and providing services.) What comes next,
asks my SOC profesor. My guess is that art will be society's major
function. Maybe the more vernacular term "entertainment" would suit my prediction better.

Has anyone ever moved their computer outdoors? That's been a fantasy of
mine. Work on the computer AND enjoy the outdoors. Lately, I've been
going outside rather than sitting at the computer.