[rumori] commodification of our 'alternative'? (was re: genre)

Steev [rumori] commodification of our 'alternative'? (was re: genre)
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On Fri, 11 Dec 1998 dserklandatnish.org wrote:

>A lot of stuff, DJ work, commercials, on the radio and TV, sounds like the
>kind of music I enjoy: quick cut, heavily affected, juxtaposed samples,
>and ambient sounds. Someone is making on living on that, right? I don't

that's it. let's all go into advertisting and make the BIG BUCKS!!

>Better still, I like the ideas Bob and Steev brought up. Yes, everyone
>SHOULD produce art, but not everyone desires to. My sociology teacher
>asked us what society's next phase beyond the "information age" will be.
>Society has evolved from hunter-gatherer groups, to large agrarian
>communities (production of food is primary function of society), to
>industrial society (production of material goods) to our post-industrial
>society (management of data, and providing services.) What comes next,
>asks my SOC profesor. My guess is that art will be society's major
>function. Maybe the more vernacular term "entertainment" would suit my
>prediction better.

wow. what school are you going to? does this teacher actually have a
degree in anything?

the interesting thing about this whole wonderful sociology history tale is
that its only the story of the priveleged 10% or so of western developed
peoples, like us. In other words, what your teacher is really asking is
"what's next for us priveleged people at the top?"
What always gets unmentioned is the fact that most of the world is still
agrarian. Most of the billion chinese and half billion indians and other
3rd world populations are industrial workers or farmers or even still
"hunter gatherers". Now the very interesting change coming up very soon is, what happens when all these people decide they want to be information
age, middle-class consumers with VCRs, microwaves, computers,cell phones
and fast food, and their governments finally decided to give it to them?
The answer: global crisis. The world will not support 6 billion people
living the piggy way that us americans do.

I think the next step, unless we wise up as a species, is back to
hunter-gatherer. As in, hunting and gathering through the burned out ruins
of the planet, trying to find food that isnt radioactive or otherwise

sorry, i always have to balance bright future hype with a little gloom.


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