[rumori] commodification of our 'alternative'? (was re: genre)

Boster, Bob [rumori] commodification of our 'alternative'? (was re: genre)
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>From: Steev[SMTP:steevatdetritus.net]

>I think the next step, unless we wise up as a species, is back to
>hunter-gatherer. As in, hunting and gathering through the burned out ruins
>of the planet, trying to find food that isnt radioactive or otherwise

Nice. Merry Christmas to you too! :)

Actually I think there's already a serious move afoot to "tune" the infotainment age culture into something that's sustainable economically
and ecologically, as the dollars from the rest of the population base
sustain the data factories and gradually move into "western-style" consumption patterns. While that's happening I'd guess the mechanisms
for technology will be moving towards a more bio-electrical paradigm and
the impulse to "get off the rock" will grow as well.

>sorry, i always have to balance bright future hype with a little gloom.

Always have to balance gloom with "darkened pragmatism".