[rumori] What's True

Thom [rumori] What's True
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 12:24:11 -0500 (EST) (00913829051, Pine.LNX.3.96.981216121626.10674A-100000atcornea.retina.net)

I HATE that ad

I like to remember to carry around a graffiti quality pen for making my on
the spot commentary about the disgusting messages I see plastered around
in every day.

unortunately, I don't have the resources to mutate ads the size of a 3
story building.

besides, the educational effort necessary to enlighten the masses about
what that billboard is would take too many words and who would stop and
read it anyway?

I'm just finishing "Commodify Your Dissent". For the most part, it is well written, insightful, acerbic and ironic, and above all, intelligent.

and it has mainstream distribution. So perhaps it is possible to use the
system to spread information about dissent or to use national distribution
to put hardcopy into the hands of the people for who this activity is
important. Sure, its the commodification of anti-commodity exposition,
but its also communication. I suppose if you want to be a purist, you'll
have to stick to your punk rock DIY ethics. I doubt there will ever be an
upheaval, but making it widely available couldn't hurt. Even Srini
(unamerican activities) is tongue in cheek about commodifying rebellion.
He really does want to put those ideas in the popular consciousness, sit
back, and see what happens.