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On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Thom wrote:

>I'm just finishing "Commodify Your Dissent". For the most part, it is
>well written, insightful, acerbic and ironic, and above all, intelligent.

if you like that book, check out "The Conquest of Cool", by Thomas Frank, editor of the Baffler and "Commodify Your Dissent". It's a national bestseller and it's now out in paperback. woohoo.
It's a very good study of the development of "hip" advertising starting in the 50s.

>upheaval, but making it widely available couldn't hurt. Even Srini
>(unamerican activities) is tongue in cheek about commodifying rebellion.
>He really does want to put those ideas in the popular consciousness, sit
>back, and see what happens.

it's definitely an interesting strategy. despite all the disillusion
fallout from the 60s, rock and roll, amongst other things, really did
change the world, and in some ways it will never change back, even though
rock is now tired and corrupt and uninteresting.

the times, as always, are a changin' - just a lot slower than we think
they should.....


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