[rumori] What's True

kevin leeeeee [rumori] What's True
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 01:59:43 -0800 (PST) (00913975183, v01530504b29f6af61cb9at[])

i just want to say that whatever rock n roll was before it was completely
assimilated and anihilated (sp?)... media manipulation/recycling is NOW.


so i guess that means that in order to prevent the same from happening to
our artform, we must do whatever it takes to keep it underground and away
from majors (not that they want us... at the moment).

btw, i like this thread of the commodification of dissent thing... it
almost epitomizes the 90's to me... the crashing disaster of irony and
contradiction in mass media. my favorite example is MTV... on the one hand
they try to maintain their hip, edgy coolness by making fun of pop stars
like spice girls and hanson... and then on the other hand they completely
cater to fans of spice girls and hanson because they know that's the real
bread and butter. thus you have beavis and butthead (supposedly the
anti-role models) endorsing whatever's supposed to be cool like white
zombie or ween or whatever the programmers probably like. am i, the
consumer supposed to buy white zombie thinking i'll be cool? or am i
supposed to think that i'll be a loser like beavis or butthead?
what am i to do to be popular? who am i? where am i? what's happening????!


ps re: arizona jeans ad... i regret to say i know one of the actors in that
commercial (the asian girl who's actually in her late 20's). she's
actually a "cool" person, no lie! she made a short film that made it in spike and mike's sick and twisted festival this year. meanwhile she did a
huge ad for amex or visa or something. HUGE ad. talk about contradictions.