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Steev [rumori] my pics for 98
Sun, 20 Dec 1998 23:12:24 -0800 (PST) (00914224344, Pine.LNX.4.05.9812202233410.32282-100000atflotsam.detritus.net)

yeah that Holger Hiller is definitely great. I plan to put it in the
Detritus archive soon.

anyway, my pics for 1998 appropriation heavy works:

Hollywood Archaeology, Lowell Darling
actually a project that's been going on for many years but finally this
year became a film. Darling's been gathering damaged footage from
hollywood dumpsters for about 20 years. Recently he spliced a bunch of it
together, and also printed several choice frames as huge
enlargements. very nice.

Then there's that incredible film about skyjacking whose title i forget.
dammit. lots of footage of 70s airline terrorist actions, etc. saw it at
ATA this fall. ( Wobbly, you remember what it was called?)

The Imp, Jack Chick issue
maybe only the cover counts as appropriation. but it still rocks.

In Formation, premiere issue
very nice anti-technology magazine with some of the best fake ads and
corporate hype parodies ever.

Acme Novelty Company
the newest issue kicks ass with its catalog of fake and demeaning
products. Chris Ware is a genius.

Robert Rauschenberg Retrospective
a book and a travelling exhibition that started in New York last fall.
I think it went to Houston and Spain too. Technically not
1998, since it covers his whole career starting in the 30s. But the book
is really cool, it's great to have that much Rauschenberg in one place.

Also, check out a grafitti artist named Doze who has just recently started
getting his stuff in galleries. If you see a cartoony sheep with a
bar-code on it, that's him ("Birth>Consume>Death" goes the caption). But he also does cool collage/paint combines.

The Detritus House
more about this soon. there will be a whole page or three about this on
the site, hopefully soon.

**the web**
anyone not seen potatoland.org yet?
by Mark Napier, author of the Distorted Barbie. it's rad.

(not in any order)
Belief System (Owen O'Toole and friends) -mellow,drony,surreal
My Bag! by Stock, Hausen, and Walkman -wacky,noisy,sick rhythms
Permutation, by Amon Tobin -samplebased drum and bass
Lecture on Nothing (eponymous) -poppy but all samples, funny
Wave Twisters, DJ Qbert -turntablist masterpiece

i'm sure i've forgotten something....


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