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wobblyatcompcurr.com wrote:

> I'm pretty sure it's also the first
> remix album based around the work of a single artist, let alone album by

> single artist, an increasingly common phenomenon.
brings up a good question - what *was* the first remix album? the
earliest one i know if is from 1981/82, the human league's "love and dancing" release. this one probably also qualifies as a remix album comprised of material from a full prior album ('dare'), with the exception
of a new song at the time, "hard times". recall this disc causing a minor flap in rags like smash hits and nme because folks thought it a rip-off to
re-package the same songs all over again...

> So ANYWAY the reason why it took me 6 years to find it, was because it
> seems as if it never achieved an official release.

not sure if it's still in print as of now, but it's listed in the '96
mute bank catalog as being available on cd and lp...don't recall ever
seeing a copy fr sale in a record shoppe, though.

thanks to wobbly for bringing up mr. hiller - "as is" is a much-forgotten masterpiece, listening to it now it seems like an precursor
to what bands like tarwater and to rococo rot are doing these days (but
with much more obvious sampling, that is)...bravo! now just gotta track
down 'demixed'.....


np: holger hiller "as is" (mute)