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>i heard that that Re-Info band sells software (they wrote) that they use
>for their live shows using only their laptops. didn't realize they played
>the laptops with guitar straps. cool.

I've had the pleasure of having the ORI guys stay at my house overnight
and at that time we exchanged damn near all of our personal posessions.
Their software is called Back To Basics, and is written for Mac although
they now have a "pre-alpha" version for Windows. "Pre-Alpha" is right; it crashed constantly and sounds like crap. The Mac version is pretty nice
though; it allows you to map the keyboard to various sounds, and each can
be programmed to play as a one-shoot, a loop, or a loop-and-release (press
once to start, it loops until you press it again). It's pretty basic (as
the title suggests) but quite functional and, as ORI has shown, somewhat

>anyone know how to get that software? ...

Yes -- at their website!


>...one of you coders out there really
>should sit down and figure out a good live improvisational tool for
>samples. preferably one that's not as costly as ostertag's machine
>probably is.

Even still, I can't help but thing that the interface (the hardware
side) is half the deal. A musical keyboard just isn't right for atonal
samples. Meanwhile, a computer keyboard's keys are too tiny for a live
context -- too easy to slip up and hit a wrong key. And from an audience
perspective, it would be cooler if it were more interesting to watch.
Doesn't have to be flashy or anything; I'm just saying that like a
theremin, some instruments are more interesting to watch a performance on
than others.

>i saw a clip on (gasp) mtv where coldcut was demo'ing some new software
>that allowed them to manipulate video/audio samples live. anyone know how
>to get this, too? this was on AMP which for the most part sucks now. i
>hardly bother trying to watch it anymore.

Man, the only Amp I've seen is a tape of it that you sent me eons
ago... too bad I've missed all the good parts now. :-) Coldcut's latest
CD releases have had data tracks with videos that must be made from this
software, I presume. They're pretty impressive; EBN-style I'd say. I'd love
to see any info about this software.

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