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On Sat, 23 Jan 1999, The Evolution Control Committee wrote:

>>...one of you coders out there really
>>should sit down and figure out a good live improvisational tool for
>>samples. preferably one that's not as costly as ostertag's machine
>>probably is.

the hardware will continue getting cheaper. but the problem right now
is if you want to really do realtime dsp you need a pretty fast cpu
and a lot of RAM, so that's the limitation. also the huge Wacom tablet
Bob uses cost a huge amount, and the LCD screen. the latter is much
lighter and handier to carry than a regular monitor tho, which is a big
concern when schlepping your gear around europe for months.

if you just want to trigger samples, ReInfo's software is pretty cool.
it'd be nice if it could take midi input. but at any rate, a lot of
performers want to take advantage of realtime processing (I can't wait
till i have a laptop that can do realtime convolution! woohoo!)

> Even still, I can't help but thing that the interface (the hardware
>side) is half the deal. A musical keyboard just isn't right for atonal
>samples. Meanwhile, a computer keyboard's keys are too tiny for a live
>context -- too easy to slip up and hit a wrong key. And from an audience
>perspective, it would be cooler if it were more interesting to watch.
>Doesn't have to be flashy or anything; I'm just saying that like a
>theremin, some instruments are more interesting to watch a performance on
>than others.

yeah yeah, absolutely. i think the coolest performing tools are the ones
that are both physically large-scale (i.e. the audience can see the
movements required, even from the backrow) and somewhat mysterious, in
other words, you have to think "what's he doing? how? huh?"
For instance, I saw Mark Trayle perform at Mills a couple years ago a
piece controlled by, basically, a metal can that he waved his hand in
front of. After a moment I realized there was a photocell in the can,
detecting the change in light caused by his hand and sending signals to
his computer. It was really great.

> Man, the only Amp I've seen is a tape of it that you sent me eons
>ago... too bad I've missed all the good parts now. :-) Coldcut's latest
>CD releases have had data tracks with videos that must be made from this
>software, I presume. They're pretty impressive; EBN-style I'd say. I'd love
>to see any info about this software.

I think the software on the cd's is a crippled version of what they use.
I have "Let Us Play" and it's neat but not much more than a toy.
btw, Coldcut's recent video's like "Timber" are by "Hexstatic". Anyone know exactly who they are, or are they just another pseudonym for Black
and More? I think their work is actually better than EBN's (especially
Timber, because it actually enhances the meaning of the song and
isnt just a visual joke like most of EBN's work).


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