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Steev [rumori] beastie boys and sampling
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The last issue of Rolling Stone had a pretty
good article on the Beastie Boys, in honor of their
Artist of the Year award. (I swear I don't usually read
RS, really! It was in the bathroom...)
There's a lot of other stuff in the interview they said
that makes me respect them even more than before (they are
incredibly socially concious for modern rock stars),
but I'm mentioning them here for some comments on sampling
they make at the very end of the article:


What records are you listening to now? Anything that suggests the kind of
album you'll make in another four years from now?

Horovitz: I've been buying off-broadway show tunes from the early

Yauch: Are you sure you want to give that away? ....

Diamond: ... That's an untapped source ...


What do you think hip-hoppers will do for samples in the next ten, twenty
years? Are they still going to be using Seventies funk beats and riffs in
the year 2010?

Diamond: The question is, what will people be doing with that same
material that hasnt been done before?

Yauch: It's going to go in some direction that is entirely inconceivable
right now. If someone had been asked twenty years ago what direction they
thought music was going in, they wouldnt have said sampling.

Horovitz: People are still going to be sampling [James Brown's] "Funky Drummer" in 2010.
Is there anything from the 1990s that will be worth sampling twenty years
from now?

Diamond: Probably. But it's not for us to say. That's for the kid in 2020
to figure out.




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