[rumori] beastie boys and sampling

Lloyd Dunn [rumori] beastie boys and sampling
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 14:28:17 -0600 (00917296097, 36ACD3DD.8F97FC4Datblue.weeg.uiowa.edu)

When photography was new (125+ years ago) people 'in the know' about 'hip'
culture had clear difficulty in thinking of it as an 'art form' or in many
cases, even a form of 'creativity.' It was 'merely' a clever use of

Now, on <nettime> and things like that I hear 'digital artists' crying for the 'respect they deserve' (in so many words) and using photography's history
and its slow 'establishment' acceptance as analogous. I disagree with them.
To me it is self-evident that 'digital artists' are 'legitimate' (or will be
in the next couple of blinks of the media's eye) and this will last until the
next incremental, even obvious, 'advance' takes place.

We can think of photography as 'sampling from nature' if we wish, with
complete legitimacy.

Far more problematic for mass culture, and hence (I believe) more closely
analogous with photography's past is the 'sampler artist or musician' (for
want of better terms). They have created similar dissonances in the orthodoxy
of their respective contemporary 'serious culture's. Digital art will be
accepted without a blip. First photography, then 'sampling' have had to be
more forcefully advocated by their adherents for 'acceptance'.

The key is, we do it anyway, 'accepted' or not.

Steev wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Jan 1999, Boster, Bob wrote:
> ->>Horovitz: People are still going to be sampling [James Brown's] "Funky
> ->>Drummer" in 2010.
> ->
> ->I pray that they stop calling it "sampling" by then and just think of it
> ->as deployment of yet another musical element. And they're missing the
> ->iterative element: no one is going to be sampling Funky Drummer, but
> ->rather someone else's sample of same.
> i keep wondering about that. i think it'll continue to be some of both,
> as there will probably always be people interested in going back to
> "the original source". but there will be more and more re-re-cyclings.
> it will probably get pretty damn interesting. especially for lawyers.
> haha....
> smh
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