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I'm seeing 2 big issues implied in what you wrote:

1. Background knowledge about the piece.
Basically, with your mention of stockhausen,varese, et.al. you are
addressing the classic question of "does it matter what you know about a piece of art when you're experiencing it?" It's a big question and one which may not have an answer, but i thought I would at least
mention that that, i think, is what this boils down to. As an avid, might
i say fanatic, music collector/scholar/consumer, you, for one, have a vast
"literacy" which informs your perception of a piece of music.
What happens when someone has no idea they're listening to Poeme
Electronique? Then the next thing they hear is "Teenage Lightning" by Coil, with no knowledge whatsoever about Coil. Or better yet, a live
recording of an Oval show, with, again, no idea who the hell Oval is?

Would they have any idea of the relative amounts of preparation that went
into the creation of each piece, the effort expended? Or even what decade
each was created? I tend to doubt it.

the second issue is:
2. The difference between the audience and the performer's experience.

Remember to put yourself inthe audience's shoes, especially the
completely uninitiated ones.

All it took was seeing Amon Tobin spinning 12" records of his own tracks and that passing for a "live show" (and other people in the crowd apparently being satisfied with that) to convince me that something
strange is definitely going on in the world of "live music".
The half-baked notion that I would like to throw out though, is that for
me, the key criterion in both these issues is raw sensory experience and
satisfaction, for a) the performer and b) the observer.
i think....

i could go on, but not right now...


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