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Steev [rumori] Slashdot article on intellectual property (fwd)
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it is interesting. as is the responses that folllow it. so many

this whole intersection between the software world and the art world has
been fascinating to me as the trendy "Open Source Movement" has gotten going over the last year.

Will there be a corresponding "Open Culture Movement"? hmmm....
(I met Richard Stallman last year at a conference and almost asked him
about appropriation art, but thought better of it.)

The interesting thing is that for Open Source to catch on the smart and
business-savvy proponents keep saying that the corporate world, esp the
Fortune 500, have to be convinced that Open Source is the most
profitable way to go. It has to be a viable business model.
This is probably easier to argue than for "Open Culture".
Of course since the "value" of art and culture is so intangible and divorced from commerce anyway, to try to convince someone that *giving it
away* is "good business" is a pretty tall order....

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Interesting article on intellectual property. Written in a flowery
18-style, it would seem. But worth reading anyway.

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