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Boster, Bob [rumori] live performance
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I guess I'll bite since no one else has....

>From: Charles Miller[SMTP:millercatfrontiernet.net]

>Our vision is to eliminate the 'bands' and 'performers' barrier somehow
>and I think I remember a similar concept with Omnimedia. I'm curious as
>to how that event was organized and how successful/unsuccessful the
>arrangement was. Any suggestions or warnings would be appreciated.

The last large scale Omnimedia had around a dozen sound makers and maybe
4 or 5 visuals-types. We deployed in a semi-circle with quad sound in
the corners and the mixing station in the middle. Visuals people were
spread out on the periphery as well as in a few islands in the middle.
Everyone was set up "the whole time" and just went to their station to join in at various times. This tends to be the best for
"electronicists" of all sorts, although I just came up with an idea for using UPS boxes to handle the break down and move onto stage issue....if
only I could afford one to add to my rig at this point. (Anyone have a
UPS they could test this idea out with?) Speaking of power, as I
mentioned in our planning meeting, when plugging a big bunch of mixers
into each other it's often recommended to be prepared to ground lift a
bunch of them...

Room was dark, which made it hard for communication between players
visually across the space, but the darkness was really a requirement of
the projector situation, so that may be unavoidable.

Audience folks wandered around the space and were allowed to walk right
up to people's stations and watch them work. This is a good thing for a
technophilic crowd, which I find tends to be the norm at these sorts of
things...people more interested in what box you used than the sound you
made (I admit, I'm a geek like that too, but I try to hang onto my
fetish until the set's over). This works well unless you get spooked by
holding a conversation and performing at the same time. I find that I
end up in that situation ALL THE TIME when I'm "on the floor" with my rig.

in general I recommend something a little less egalitarian so there's
some "stage space" delineating the area performers are working in, but aside from that, I think the large circle idea was successful for the

I couldn't hear half of what was happening while playing, and I have a
monitor system in my rig...I can't imagine the "hearing yourself" issue for others, but different people have different levels of need to hear

>BTW, for anyone in the upstate NY area, it will be held Fri May 7 1999 in
>the Village Gate Atrium with set-up b/w 6-8pm & performance 8-11pm.
>Electronic sound, installations, digital+analog visuals will combine with
>some sort of multi-person-machine improvisational 'orchestra'
>(still figuring that out) but all are welcome to participate.

Wish I was going to be on that coast at that point, because it sounds
like a blast. Let us know how it came out.