[rumori] live performance

Charles Miller [rumori] live performance
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 04:38:43 -0500 (EST) (00922181923, Pine.A41.4.05.9903230347490.71874-100000atnode5.cwnet.frontiernet.net)


I've been a rumori-voyeur for some time now. I have a question related
(sort of) to the "live" discussion. Some folks here (Rochester, NY) are planning an electronic-improvisational event (MediaMess v.01) and I
recall reading about a similar event in rumori that has stuck in my
mind.. Omnimedia? I checked the rumori archives but couldn't
find any trace of it.

Our vision is to eliminate the 'bands' and 'performers' barrier somehow
and I think I remember a similar concept with Omnimedia. I'm curious as
to how that event was organized and how successful/unsuccessful the
arrangement was. Any suggestions or warnings would be appreciated.

BTW, for anyone in the upstate NY area, it will be held Fri May 7 1999 in
the Village Gate Atrium with set-up b/w 6-8pm & performance 8-11pm. Electronic sound, installations, digital+analog visuals will combine with
some sort of multi-person-machine improvisational 'orchestra'
(still figuring that out) but all are welcome to participate.


chuck miller