[rumori] Request for Comments: rtmark video theft project

cian [rumori] Request for Comments: rtmark video theft project
Sat, 27 Mar 99 11:39:50 -0800 (00922563590, 199903271931.LAA31969atscribble.com)

>steev says:
>I agree completely. that's exactly what i was thinking. I did understand
>the project to include actually selling tapes. but if it is just
>realvideo, it probably isnt as big a deal.
>As for who would buy them - all sorts of poor but art-loving hipsters like
>me would. If Bill Viola's works were available for $9.95 a piece from
>Reel.com like "Titanic" was, I would buy them all.
>But then, Bill would need an economy of scale so he could sell enough
>copies to pay his rent and studio fees. meaning corporations would have to
>subsidize him....

I agree with you both. I bought a "greatest hits" tape of Bill Viola's work for somewhere around $29.95. It wasn't bootlegged, the art museum
was selling them. Someone not as "successful"l as Bill might even decide to subvert this subversion by sending their own work to Rtmark...exposure
is good.