[rumori] Request for Comments: rtmark video theft project

The Evolution Control Committee [rumori] Request for Comments: rtmark video theft project
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>the following is an advance copy of part of the latest Rtmark press
>release, which concerns 5 different Rtmark actions. the piece i have
>excerpted concerns their project called "Untitled #29.95", which advocates
>the bootlegging of expensive art video work.

I guess I'm not too aware of these ultra-expensive videos; I either
don't go to enough high-rent galleries or I've just realized that looking
at the pricetags is a pointless gesture for me. As for the project, if
indeed that can stick to videos that are indeed that expensive (let's say
$500 per video and up) then I think I'd feel okay about that. To me this
closely parallels if I were to make an album/CD which I would then release
in a very limited quantity and sell it a similarly large amount. I don't
like that idea. While I know that the music I make won't appeal to the
large-scale Beck-buying public, I might hope that it could stand on its own
merits high enough that I could sell a reasonable quantity (over, say, 200?
500?) at a price that would return something close to what you'd make in
high-priced lower quantities...
Though perhaps a more important question is, what's the point of
selling $1,000 videos? To "enlighten" the rich? I just don't think I'd feel real comfortable operating in that way. I'd rather have the chance of
enlightening more people, even if it spreads thinner.

Hmmm. This is just one of those days where the opposite of each point I
make has validity too. Oh well, I guess life ain't cut 'n' dry, even if it
can be cut 'n' paste...

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