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Steev [rumori] how i did it.
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On Thu, 1 Apr 1999 dserklandatnish.org wrote:

>Both the tape and the CD have a very live sound. You seemed to use a lot
>of reverb on the tape which adds to the live effect. Maybe its just the
>chaos (A lot of your stuff sounds like Christian Marclay.) Do you have a
>live rig or do you program samples? All my stuff basically is

all the stuff on "Original" is basically either sequenced samplers (the elvis piece and the requiem finale piece) or computer. Except "How to Use Borrowed Ideas" which is live CD players.
the "Detritus" tape is a variety of techniques. The Christian Marclay sounding stuff sounds like that cuz i did what he does, cutting up records
and glueing them back together and then playing them. but then layering
other stuff over that. Some of that turntable stuff was actually played
through the built in reverb on a guitar amp.

I guess i just like a spacious feeling to recordings i make so i usually
add some reverb. maybe too much. I guess i'd rather have it be too wet
than too dry. trying to avoid that "computer music" sound, y'know...

>programming, and I'm trying to become more live, but I'm not a musician, I
>never learned an instrument. I've been thinking about saving up for one of
>those tiny Roland samplers to start me off... Do you have any strong
>opinion about samplers?

you mean the Dr. Sample? I know 4 people that have those. they're really
nice for the price. they're very good for improvisational live playing.
but for a studio instrument you probably dont want it as your main

I've been using a Roland S-550 since 1992. The Ensoniq E-16 i think it's
called is nice cuz you can keep playing while a new disk is loading.
important thing is to get a sampler with a SCSI bus so you can add
harddrives to it and stuff.

I still use my Roland live, controlling it with a midi guitar and a
computer. but in the studio i just use computers.



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