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Fri, 02 Apr 1999 08:38:06 -0500 (00923060286, 3704C80E.879706BBatumich.edu)

The Evolution Control Committee wrote:

> Hmmm, skirting gearhead mode, but just to put in my 2pennies: I have an
> ASR-10 (the successor to the EPS-16) and do lots of very heavy sample-based
> performance with it.

There actually was a great thread on the RoboSnuggles list about the ASR
a couple of weeks ago. It pertained to the ASR and SCSI use. I still
have the posts if anyone is interested.

I've got an ASR-10. They're really great for sampling on the fly.
They're also great synthesizers that can create new instruments from
basic sound wave forms and filters, though not many people use them as
such. The OS is actually pretty deep, but the novice can do just as well
without getting technical. Of course, I still like to dig out the
Fischer-Price :>)
(oh, I used to have an Ensoniq MIRAGE too, the predecessor to them
all... ok, sorry enough tech)

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