[rumori] Grey Day?

tobaron [rumori] Grey Day?
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im new to rumori, but i really appreciate this discourse, so thank you.
re grayday, why give it any respect via attention? attacking a megacorp, or
the rapacious institutions, like mattel, or sony, that makes perfect sense
to me. but the propaganda at the begginning of the digital divas site sounds
like somebody feels cheated , like somebody's "feelings got hurt". a few grey pages on the net for a couple of hours will hardly register as a small
smudge in the larger scheme of things. they obviously havent noticed the
artful role that appropriation plays in their lives...

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>>>Anybody know about this and have any comments?
>>>Makes me think perhaps a "grAy day" might be in order. Whatever that

>I think the parodic website should be an extended dissertation on how
>people in the industry who feel this way are not artists because artists
>know and accept the traditions of appropriation freely. Therefor they
>must be "craftspeople" and as such have no actual claim to originality,
>hence nullifying their argument completely.
>God, I love this kind of stuff. Makes me think of Disney or