[rumori] Grey Day?

tobaron [rumori] Grey Day?
Tue, 25 May 1999 18:53:27 -0400 (00927672807, 004801bea701$675ff3a0$fb80968eatuser)

dear nicola

i completely agree with your defense of plagiarism. these grey people wont
be able to stop it, anyway, and theyre probably listening to sampled music
while they make these whiny complaints!

but its not nzism. believe me. ok?

in solidarity

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>>Anybody know about this and have any comments?
>>Makes me think perhaps a "grAy day" might be in order. Whatever that

>this is Nazism.
>I think we should have a similar page, plagiarising their grey/black style.
>Only, we should fill it with quotes in defense of artistic plagiarism. ;)
>like this:
>"All pop music is plagiarism. Whether it's Keith Richards ripping off Chuck
>Berry licks in the early 60s or you sampling a record in the late 90s.
>Plagiarism is the machinery by which contemporary music develops. Don't
>stop it."
>Nigel Lord, "What the hell is sampling?" in Future Music n.62, 1997, p.90.
>Nicola (Dj Batman) Battista