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Boster, Bob [rumori] Grey Day?
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The main reason I could think of is to take advantage of their efforts
towards promotion to actually promote the opposite viewpoint. Other
than the bonus of a few more hearts and minds won over by "our" cleverness, you are exactly correct. And as always, all IMHO only...

There is something of an activist nature to our plight though, and
counting coup on only faceless organizations like ZONY or MICROSLOB may
overlook the fact that these power structures are arrayed against "us" by actual people, many of whom think they are doing the right thing.
Occasionally fighting a little war with some disparate viewpoints with
faces may be a good thing.

Enough, I'm starting to sound like Che... welcome to rumori.

Anyone collage any Star Wars material in honor of the big flop?


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>im new to rumori, but i really appreciate this discourse, so thank you.
>re grayday, why give it any respect via attention? attacking a megacorp, or
>the rapacious institutions, like mattel, or sony, that makes perfect sense
>to me. but the propaganda at the begginning of the digital divas site sounds
>like somebody feels cheated , like somebody's "feelings got hurt". a few
>grey pages on the net for a couple of hours will hardly register as a small
>smudge in the larger scheme of things. they obviously havent noticed the
>artful role that appropriation plays in their lives...
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>>>>Anybody know about this and have any comments?
>>>>Makes me think perhaps a "grAy day" might be in order. Whatever that
>>I think the parodic website should be an extended dissertation on how
>>people in the industry who feel this way are not artists because artists
>>know and accept the traditions of appropriation freely. Therefor they
>>must be "craftspeople" and as such have no actual claim to originality,
>>hence nullifying their argument completely.
>>God, I love this kind of stuff. Makes me think of Disney or