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Steev said:

> On Tue, 25 May 1999, Andrew Lander wrote:
> ->Anybody know about this and have any comments?
> ->
> ->http://www.greyday.org/
> ->
> ->Makes me think perhaps a "grAy day" might be in order. Whatever that might
> ->be.
> I have just reserved grayday.org. I can't believe they didnt take it
> already.
> what idiots. for many reasons....


> I think a site that is a place for people to come and declare that they
> are officially AGAINST this greyday thing is called for. With a form
> where you can send email to the greyday people announcing you are NOT in
> support of it, and a list of "opposers".

good idear.

> If anyone has any other bright ideas speak up. let's fight the good
> fight!

well a couple (obvious?) thoughts come to my mind.

you could take a direct parody approach. certainly the copy these
guys wrote is rife with stupid comments deserving to be parodied.

or you could "hijack" the people who erroneously end up at grAyday.org and make it seem to be about the same thing, but slowly play them into
the other side of the coin. something along the lines of ".... BUT would these things *really* happen without copyright? we dont think
so either..." and then go on to outline how these ideas of how "important" copyright are are riddled with inconsistencies etc. and give historic examples of stolen ideas being important etc etc etc

then there is the *direct* education approach, where you just present
our side of the the thing directly, with similar things like i mention
at the end of the above paragraph.

i favor the middle idea cuz it kinda fishes people in a bit more,
but still presents our ideas intelligently. a parody and various
other attempts to ridicule is a nice idea (<grin>) too, but maybe the moment should be seized for education of our own. plus, this
would lead nicely into things like what steev suggested: people showing
up in support of our side.

another nice thing might be a "what are your thoughts?" page. i am sure it would draw all kinds of people saying really ridiculous
things against grayday.org, which always makes for a good laff.

an alternate, alternate idea: copy their site verbatim, then just
add a little bit here and there. a bit worthless, but a nice pun
under the circumstances. hehehe

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