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Steev [rumori] Grey Day? (fwd)
Wed, 26 May 1999 07:28:14 -0700 (PDT) (00927728894, Pine.LNX.4.05.9905260724010.31904-100000atflotsam.detritus.net)

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Steev wrote:

>or you could "hijack" the people who erroneously end up at grAyday.org
>and make it seem to be about the same thing, but slowly play them into
>the other side of the coin. something along the lines of ".... BUT
>would these things *really* happen without copyright? we dont think
>so either..." and then go on to outline how these ideas of how
>"important" copyright are are riddled with inconsistencies etc. and
>give historic examples of stolen ideas being important etc etc etc

I like this. the basic idea would be to have the first 2 (stupid) splash
pages be identical, then on the actual real main page spring the
opposing argument on them.

other idea i had:

there's a list of supporters with links. how bout an automated
grabber/collager that only picks from those URLs?
on the other hand maybe that would be misinterpreted, as only proving
their point.

Basically I want to be sure we appear to have the moral high ground.
Because we do.

>but still presents our ideas intelligently. a parody and various
>other attempts to ridicule is a nice idea (<grin>) too, but maybe
>the moment should be seized for education of our own. plus, this
>would lead nicely into things like what steev suggested: people showing
>up in support of our side.


>another nice thing might be a "what are your thoughts?" page. i am
>sure it would draw all kinds of people saying really ridiculous
>things against grayday.org, which always makes for a good laff.

good point.


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