[rumori] Grey Day? (fwd)

GASK [rumori] Grey Day? (fwd)
Wed, 26 May 1999 19:05:08 +0200 (00927738308, 003d01bea799$ef364a20$1151883eatauthoriu)

>you could take a direct parody approach.
>or you could "hijack" the people who erroneously end up at grAyday.org
>and make it seem to be about the same thing, but slowly play them into
>the other side of the coin.

>then there is the *direct* education approach, where you just present

>another nice thing might be a "what are your thoughts?" page. i am

All of these ideas are worthwhile, I suggest that all these and everyone
else's ideas could be included by having multiple different versions of the
greyday.org website.

It is possible to program a page so that it chooses between several
different versions upon loading, so you get a random choice of page when you
go to the address. (Don't ask me how it's done, but a guy did it for my
company intranet site.) If that idea's a non-starter, then several
different URLs, interlinked, would be good.

It would be useful to include some completely 'straight' info, for people
who didn't see the original grayday site.