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Jazz Et Jazz sounds like a record I have by Enoch Light and His Orchestra
(or something to that effect.) The gimmick on this record seems to be
channel mutes and pans. Sounds A LOT like Tipsy, actually.


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That was meant for Steev. I am a dunce.

Now I feel obligated to contribute content. Uh... well, I just picked
up an interesting record with Quincy Jones, ostensibly from the 60's
somewhere, called Jazz Et Jazz. The interesting thing is the first cut:
It's jazz with tape cutups. The liner notes explain that the piece uses the
process of musique concrete to augment the song. It sounds a little like
Dean Elliot's "Zounds What Sounds" except in jazz. Quite interesting... chittering sped-up horns, backwards drum solos, pretty wacky...

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