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>Jazz Et Jazz sounds like a record I have by Enoch Light and His Orchestra
>(or something to that effect.) The gimmick on this record seems to be
>channel mutes and pans. Sounds A LOT like Tipsy, actually.

Tipsy sampled lots and lots of stuff from Enoch, especially from his
Patterns In Sound series. I have a side project called The Weird Love
Makers that also samples a lot of Enoch. :-) By the way, don't believe
any of the Tipsy quotes which say that they actually got artists in the
studio to "faithfully recreate" the samples; it's bunk. They sampled, they just wanted an inventive excuse for people to not sue them. They're still
pretty damned good though.
But as far as the comparison between Jazz Et Jazz and Enoch goes, there
really isn't any... Quincy Jones is jazz although quirked; Enoch is
straight-up white-bread bachelor pad stuff. I'll see if I can't get that
Jazz Et Jazz track available to y'all via mp3 or RealAudio or something.
Speaking of electro-lounge, does anyone know anything about a band
called Jacknife Lee? They may be mostly techno; I really have no idea...
someone just told me they do a lot of lounge sampling. I'm a sucker for
that kinda sampled lounge stuff tho.

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