[rumori] Grey Day?

dserklandatnish.org [rumori] Grey Day?
Wed, 26 May 1999 14:47:23 -0400 (00927744443, 8525677D.0065FE96.00atnatsmtp.nish.org)

grAyday should have a link to grEyday, but would the "E" site oblige the "A" site with a link?
Since those who run the "E" site think that infringement of copyright would somehow make the Internet a dull, gray place, the "A" site should demonstrate the oppisite. Duh.

What if we used their own question? "What would the Internet be like if nobody shared ideas? The Internet would be a dull, gray place." Next splash screen: vibrant, intelligent examples of sampling and collage.
Randomizing the splash screens isn't hard to code, and that's where I think
all the parody should go. The main.html should be more informative (and
more dynamic than the "E" site's main.html)