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Andrew Lander [rumori] Grey Day? (fwd)
Wed, 26 May 1999 11:44:22 PDT (00927744262, 19990526184422.15534.qmailathotmail.com)

>On Wed, 26 May 1999, Steev wrote:
>->or you could "hijack" the people who erroneously end up at grAyday.org
>->and make it seem to be about the same thing, but slowly play them into
>->the other side of the coin. something along the lines of ".... BUT
>->would these things *really* happen without copyright? we dont think
>->so either..." and then go on to outline how these ideas of how
>->"important" copyright are are riddled with inconsistencies etc. and
>->give historic examples of stolen ideas being important etc etc etc
>I like this. the basic idea would be to have the first 2 (stupid) splash
>pages be identical, then on the actual real main page spring the
>opposing argument on them.

You just know SOMEBODY is going to accidentally type an "a" instead of an "e".
The scenario the Greys propose on their third page - the entire web turning
grey due to copyright infringement - is ludicrous. The grayday.org page
could propose the opposite argument kind of tongue in cheek - most of the
web turning grey because of Intellectual Property Thought Police allowing
only what has been approved of by multinational media conglomerates that can
afford to pay for everything... or something like that.

Regarding my earlier suggestion of making similar linking gifs to the
Grey's: a good one could be a takeoff on their "Where will you be on Grey Day?", i.e. "Where WON'T you be on Gray Day?"
Andrew Lander

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