[rumori] Grey Day

GASK [rumori] Grey Day
Thu, 27 May 1999 00:02:38 +0200 (00927756158, 003b01bea7c3$79719220$b126883eatauthoriu)

>->All of these ideas are worthwhile, I suggest that all these and everyone
>->else's ideas could be included by having multiple different versions of

>->greyday.org website.
>yes, that's relatively easy to do. i'm not sure exactly what that would
>accomplish. it might actually dilute whatever message we hope to convey.
>but it might be useful...

I thought that it might make the point that there is no one particular
message that should be conveyed. There are a lot of different reactions to
these clampdowns that we are faced with and all of them are valid. These
greyday idiots, despite claiming to be on the side of creativity, are
obviously stifling it, and one of the ways to counter this is to show the
many creative possibilities available by taking others' ideas as source